Two Step Cluster Analysis


Title : Two Step Cluster Analysis
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2 The Delphine SegmentationLifestyle, Attitudes, and Delphine Within the Delphine survey vehicle, four arrays of shopping, psycho-graphic, and concept exploration arrays

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Overview The TwoStep cluster method is a scalable cluster analysis algorithm designed to handle very large data sets. The SPSS TwoStep Cluster Component:

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The SPSS TwoStep Clustering Component is a scalable cluster analysis algorithm designed to handle very large datasets. Capable of handling both continuous and categorical variables or attributes, it requires only one data pass in the procedure. In the first step of the procedure, you pre-cluster the records into many small sub-clusters. Then, cluster the sub-clusters from the pre-cluster step into the desired number of clusters. If the desired number of clusters is unknown, the SPSS TwoStep Cluster Component will find the proper number of clusters automatically. The results gathered from running a simulation are consistently accurate and scalable in performance. The simulation also shows that the automatic procedure of finding the number of clusters works remarkably well and fast.

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