Title : DTA 170HD POWER
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File Name : DTA%20170HD%20QRG_MHz%203-12.pdf
Date Added : 27 January 2013
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Cisco DTA 170HD Digital Transport Adapter Quick Reference Guide IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Notice to Installers The servicing instructions in this notice are for ...

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Power DTA 170HD If your TV displays the Activation Support message or if the Power light blinks twice, turns off , and repeats this sequence, contact your

Cisco Digital Transport Adapter 170HD Data Sheet PDF #1488117

Data Sheet - Cisco Digital ... Details. Title: Data Sheet - Cisco Digital Transport Adapter 50: Filetype: PDF: File Name: 7016863.pdf: Date ... PDF DTA 170HD POWER.

Cisco Digital Transport Adapter 170HD Data Sheet

HDA-IR2 DTA Remote Control (multiples = 200) 57 kHz IR, SA Protocol, two-function with TV power, volume, and mute, includes batteries

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DTA 170HD DTA 170HD: Cable HD: Yes No: No No: 4.9 5.1: 43 08/31/2011: 09/01/2011 No: Cisco Systems Cisco CIS430 p/n 4034511 CIS430 p/n 4034511 IP

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Cisco Systems CISCO DTA 170HD DTA 170HD Cable High Definition (HD) Resolution Yes No No No 4.9 5.1 43 11/25/2011 8/28/2012 Cisco Systems CISCO DTA 171HD DTA 171HD